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After spending the past 20 years teaching writing to hundreds of students of all ages in the San Diego and New York areas, I have recognized a real need for an institute dedicated to the writing profession. 


Many current programs focus on the creative side of the writing process, others on the technical aspects, but I have not found a program which also tackles the business of writing.  The Judith Habert Academy of Writing will handle all facets of the writing profession.


Keeping in line with the current trend of reality TV, we felt that adding the aspect of a competition to the learning process, would bring our students a true representation of the writing profession. 


Writing is an extremely creative field with lots of great writers all vying for that coveted writing job, so adding this fun aspect to the learning process is sure to make our students more moivated to work their hardest to achieve the ultimate prize, a paid staff position on our magazine for a full year.


This Academy will handle all types of writing, regardless of what genre or type of writing in which you choose to specialize.  The partial list of what we will be offering can be found in our advertisement above.  For more information contact me at WritingAcademy@judithhabert.com or by phone at 858 735 5301