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The past few months have given me the pleasure to meet and talk to so many San Diego Women, as a result of our magazine and numerous speaking engagements for my book, Hey, I'm Italian, I have met some of the most amazing men and women in San Diego.  

Along with teaching I have enjoyd taking on mentorship for several beginning writers.  With 30 years of professional writing experience I have learned some important shortcuts on the road to publication and I just love sharing them. Take some time to visit the special sections listed above to learn more.  Thanks so much for spending some time with me on my site.  Feel free to call or email me should you have any questions, projects or require my help.  I would love to hear from you..  

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I have just started on a new book project with Joe Busalacchi, the well renowned owner of 7 of the best Italian restaurants on this earth. We are working on a combination biography and cookbook.  Wait until you read about this amazing man's life, his celebrity customers, and how he has managed to live his dream to own the best restaurants around.





















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