Welcome to “The Writer in Me” Blog!

Welcome to my new blog located on my website www.judithhabert.com.  This blog has been created for my writing students, and any other writers out there who want to belong to a writing community.  This site will be interactive, so please take some time to respond or ask questions.  I will be updating this blog often, and it will also include lessons taught in my writing classes.  If you are one of my students and miss a class, you can come here to locate what you missed.  If you are just an individual interested in learning more about becoming a working writer, feel free to peruse the lessons and join my blog.  I would love to hear from any writers out there who have questions, need help or simply want to join a community of writers. Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to “The Writer in Me” Blog!

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I like to write because there is something inside me that feels complete when I put pen to paper. I have always enjoyed journaling be it for personal reasons or when I travel to capture my personal experiences in detail. Now I am trying my hand at writing weekly blogs for my Interior Design business. By the way, I need to meet a good resume writer. Does anyone have a referral they can toss my way? Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you Judy. I truly appreciate your encouragement and style of teaching. It’s fun getting to know everyone as they write and share their writings with the class. Everyone is so different in their writing style. I’m learning alot and from my classmates too! Thanks again and we’ll see you on campus.

  2. Hi Judy – I love to write because it gives me the opportunity to revisit the experiences, people, and places that have been part of my life. When I step away from a situation, and put pen to pad, I see it with an entirely different slant. Often times, I will discover just what it was that made my memory so magical. There’s something in every experience worth writing about. To me, writing is about discovering what that is.


  3. Hi Judy, I have been enjoying your class very much. You have been so helpful in giving us important information on how to navigate the world of magazine publishing in the digital age. It looks like I cannot make the class tonight (4/25)
    because of a family thing I have to help out on. I have done the travel , perhaps I could send. Am afraid tonight’s absence plus my inability to make next week’s class means I won’t be seeing you before the class ends. So I just wanted to say thanks, and I hope to stay in touch through your blog. Sue

  4. Hi Ya’ll,
    I may not make it back in town in time for the final class and as I also missed 4/25 so you may have forgotten who I am! I’m away and visiting family and old friends in Baton Rouge, LA and staying another day to see my prodigal nephew play baseball. What is the homework for May 1st? I hope to have the final assignment done, and bio written in time to make the final class.

    If I cannot make it – thanks to Judith and hope to see all of you in future classes.

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