San Diego Woman Magazine began in 2007.  It was the brainchild of one of my former students at Poway Unified Adult School, where I taught a “how to get published” course to adults of all ages. She asked if I would consider being the Editor-in-Chief of a new Women’s Magazine, that she was looking to create in San Diego.

The concept intrigued me, I had always had an interest in Magazine Publishing, so I said yes and we began the journey of creating a women’s magazine in the greatest city in the Country.

After only a few issues my former student discovered how difficult the magazine business was, especially with a young child, and decided to end the magazine.

At this point, we had built a following and I had met some amazing women along the way.  Many of my writing students were excited at the prospect of being published in our upcoming issue.  How could I tell them it wouldn’t be happening?  I couldn’t!  So I decided to move forward with the concept and add some improvements and San Diego Woman, as you know it today was born.

Now celebrating our 11th year in print, we continue to salute the women of San Diego and all that they accomplish everyday.

Take a few moments to check out our site:  www.sdwomanmagazine.com